About us

PARTEC is the ideal support business for all the companies that want to quickly turn their ideas into winning projects: we offer all the best technologies available on the market for the purposes of any requirements, guaranteed the established delivery times.

About us

Italian technology for the business all over the world

Our experience was born and grown up in Italy, taking advantage of technicians, of their expertise and the commitment of operators trained in a quality regime, highly empowered for the correct progress of each phase of the production.


Give shape to your inspirations, to allow you to improve them.


Partec wants to be throughout the world a benchmark of the culture and the know-how for the bespoke prototyping and production.


The Ethics: we believe that the improvement, the frankness, the sustainability and the personal developing could be only obtained thourgh constant dedication and honest comparison.
The Excellence: we believe in the hard work and know-how.



PARTEC was born on 1999, the name is the acronym of the world PARre, the town where the company is situated, and TEChnology. The company was initially equiped with two stereolithography printing machinery and one vacuum casting system. Partec is one of the first companies in Italy that has choosen to specialize itself in the prototyping.


Partec successfully embarks on a path of growth, expanding its offer. The sintering technology of nylon powder was introduced and the manufacturing capacity of vacuum casting from silicone mold was increased. Partec moves to a new building of over 1000sqm, where wider spaces allow the diversification of the departments.


Partec continues the developemnt and improves upon his innovation. A new stereolithography printing machine and a sintering machine are installed to realize bigger parts. The silicone mold increasingly becomes the company’s core business. During these years the company strongly affirms itself on the italian market, also through attendace in trade fairs and conventions.


Almost 15 years after its foundation, Partec splits, joining the world of the investment castings, implanting a double production unit. A The company purchase a wax molding press that allows the production of masters, at the moment of a series production is required. Partec plays an active role in spreading the culture of Investment Casting by organizing conferences and events on the subject. However, it doens’t stop the investments in the plastic prototyping: the firm buys the Stratasys Fortus 400mc machine and so the technological panorama of professional rapid prototyping is gained.

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